Also known as ToS, not to be mistaken with Terms of Service. A social deduction game. Mostly unknown to people that don't play it, it is inspired by similar party games such as mafia and werewolves. Anyone who compares it to Among Us deserves to be executed.
Person 1; "Hey, I'm going to play some Town of Salem this afternoon. Wanna join?"
Person 2; "Wasn't that that game that looked like Among Us?
Person 1; *Grabs revolver* "Alright then.. Night two... shooting 2."
by Violins are always the answer. October 13, 2021
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I town in Lowville Ny where there is no such thing as grass because there is so much sand. There are about 30 people that live here and you never see anyone for miles. You are surrounded by trees, and you try not to get eaten by a coyote.
Me- where is the Town of Watson

Friend- over in those trees watch out for the cavemen though
Me-ok if I don’t make it out alive then tell my family
by George Gregg January 03, 2021
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A bunch of redneck, ingrown toenail, inbred shithole people, that like to gangbang and rape little kids. Like to fuck with their parents.
"Last night I had to drive through Towns County, and I saw someone giving head next to a McDonalds. It looked like two guys.
by Dennis McLovin May 23, 2018
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A condition in which the subject exhibits irrational amount of skill and knowledge in relation to the town from which they hail.
Example: Bob- "let's just take Main Street?"

Townie: "nah brah, just take college to Adelaide to division to lee to Kelsey. Wanna get high first? I know a guy. "

Bob: "dude you have a serious case of towns syndrome but yea we can et high."
by Alreadyinuse July 10, 2014
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Where the town bicycle has been ridden by everyone in town, the town unicycle serves that same public transportation but yields much less results. In essence they want to be the town bicycle, but cannot interest anyone.
"That weird rat girl from finnish class is so horny, she's such a town unicycle."
by JerichoWolf June 23, 2019
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Trouble In Terrorist Town, better known as "Traitor Town" for censorship reasons, is a popular gamemode for Garry's Mod.

So what is it? Well, it's basically Among Us with guns. The players spawn in the map and have 30 seconds to prepare. Then, their role is revealed to them, and they must carry out their goals as that role in order to win. There are four roles: Innocent, Detective, Traitor, and Jester.

Innocents are...just that. They're part of a group that has some untrustworthy member(s) who are trying to kill them. Their goal is to kill them before they all die.

Detectives are like innocents, only with fancy gadgets they can use to figure out who the traitors are more easily, or to help innocents survive. Just like the innocents, the detective must be killed for the traitors to win.

Traitors/Terrorists are the untrustworthy people of the bunch. They gave only one goal: To kill everyone else. Like the detective, they have fancy gadgets. Unlike the detective, these "Gadgets" are things that a real-life terrorist would use.

The Jester is a player who must intentionally act suspicious in order to get killed by the other players; this role only exists to discourage "Random Death Matching", or RDM.

It sounds simple, but there's a catch: There is no way to discern players' roles by looking (except for the detective, who wears a hat). This game can and will make you paranoid as hell after a few rounds, and it WILL give you trust issues. You have been warned.
Traitor Town is quite popular, and is actually quite well-made compared to other GMOD gamemodes, like Prop Hunt.

For example, one of the most annoying things people can do is "Random Death Matching," or killing players randomly, thus ruining the point of the game. To fix this, there is not only the aforementioned Jester, but also a "Karma" meter. Karma is a measure of how you behave in the game. Randomly killing other players when you're not a traitor will result in your karma going down. The lower your karma is, the less damage you do to other players. (For example, if you have 769 karma, all of your attacks will only deal 76% damage; the max karma is 1000, or 100% damage.) If your karma drops too low (below 25%), you will be kicked and temporarily banned from the game.

Also, if everyone dies (i.e the traitor uses a suicide bomb and successfully kills every player in the game), the Traitors will win the round; after all, the Traitor(s') goal is to kill everyone, not to survive.
by None of your beeswax, pal September 14, 2021
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