It's the time between 2 am and 5 am that a man can openly cry about his life problems
Madeline "Hey Liam was time is it? "

Liam "it's sad man hours , brb crying"
by Asho69xoxo November 3, 2017
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A sad old man, other than the obvious definition, is what some female vaginas look like. This is because of there resemblance to a wrinkly old guys face. They can also be heading south some what like a pensioners face does.
As the middle aged women lifted her skirt to receive her smear test the doctor cried "ewww, it looks like a sad old man!"
by Likeable Guy August 31, 2009
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This is the fallacy that a sad man might pull himself out of sadness by going on Tinder/Bumble/etc. The thinking normally follows the idea that mathematically if he swipes right on enough profiles he is bound to find someone with whom to talk. this is false. He will be alone.
"Yeah the 'rona has me bored af. im gonna download tinder, swipe right on everyone and maybe meet some people and waste some time."
'Thats the Sad Man's Fallacy man, theyre not gonna swipe right either way bro. You need to focus on yourself because this is only gonna hurt'
by Vegitomofo August 20, 2020
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When sultan try’s to be cool but fails
wow sultan ur such a sad man
by NineOuttaTen April 29, 2019
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