This is one of the most vile and illegal sex moves that can be performed. First you need a very unintelligent girl that trust you and you can have sex with, then you cook her coos coos with saw dust in it so she gets very constipated, then after a week, start having sex with her put two large sewer rats on her back in a cage that is opened on one side to the girls back, then put napalm on the rats, light them on fire forcing them to scratch into the girl. This will cause a vibrating sensation that is very pleasureable for the man.
I can'b believe you want to Flaming Rat Ass splunker (FRAS) her, you could go to jail you know
by courtesySMOSS May 04, 2009
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An expression meaning I couldn't care a less or give a shit about something.
Worker: "I was late to work because my car broke down goddamit!"

Boss: "I couldn't give a rat's ass if you got anally raped this morning! You're fired!"
by Human Pickled Punk May 06, 2016
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Where a persons genitals have been through so much and fucked by so many kinds of people that you don't want to fuck it.
by Deep blue 2012 March 17, 2010
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a giant piece of shit that has a tail, resembling a rat
guy 1: so i was taking this giant shit at mcdonald's last night and it turned out to be an ass rat.
guy 2: god damn
by chicken fried negro sammich October 22, 2008
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Reference to a big, fat, nasty turd looking to bust its way out the ass. The olturtle peeking.
I got a rat in the ass braaaaaahhh. I gotta shit.

This rat in the ass it hurting.

I gotta cut loose this rat in the ass.
by Eaton Holgoode March 01, 2018
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