A process of deciding whether you care or have an opinion about any thing, policy, concept, idea, etc, by stripping it down to its most basic parts. If you are motivated enough to have a position/opinion on any of its parts, then it can be said you give a rat's ass about the topic.

Basically a way of determining whether you give a rat's ass about a specific issue, topic, etc.
Normally, I could give a rat's ass about the New York Yankees. However, since they drafted former Nebraska Cornhusker Joba Chamberlain; I have an interest in them; and how the Yankees are doing passes my rat's ass quotient.
by Deimreon February 23, 2010
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An ass that is particulary pointy, rather than rounded like a normal ass.
Hey ho, how 'bout you lose that rat-ass and get some real junk in the trunk!
by Aaron N.W. January 13, 2007
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When referring to the tightness of a ladies vagina. A pussy that is very tight can be compared to the rats ass.
I've never fucked a girl with such a tight pussy. Her vagina was squeezing my dick; and when I slid my cock in there it was as tight as a rats ass.
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A pronoun for a guy that is annoying
Connor:"thanks mom! I love being a furry rat ass"
by Haley🐀🐀🐀 November 09, 2020
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A vulgar and seriously demeaning phrase used when driving home an insult that intimates that you have so little respect for the person you are insulting that you are suggesting the person lick your rat’s ass instead of your own.
I have an idea for you: why don’t you lick my rat’s ass?
by Dr Bunnygirl June 05, 2021
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'I don't give a rats ass' is a similar phrase to 'I don't give a shit'.This basicaly means that the person who uses these words doesn't care about the circumstance whatsover.Literally,it means the person doesn't care about that situation even to the extent of a rats ass!
Person 1-Hey mate,My girlfriend presented me with a mobile
Person 2-What do you expect me to do? I dont give a rats ass about it!
by Vinks July 22, 2014
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