Hiiro: hey, Aro.. look at that MILF

Aro: Hiiro, don't call that lady that word!
by Blackpeacock10000 July 29, 2020
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Any female over the age of 25 who, A) Has at some point in time achieved at least an 8.5 on the Scale of Relative Attractiveness (SRA). And who B) Has a SADR (Sexual Attractiveness Depreciation Rate) significantly lower than the average SADR at -.33 sexograms bi-annually. (Must be -.125 or less.)
Dude, she's like 42 and still looks like a babe. Total Milf!
by ClothyMonster April 24, 2011
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Dipshit: "Dude, look at that chick. She's a straight up MILF!"

Someone With Actual Human Intelligence: "Aw, gross. That's YOUR mom, you fucking dumbass."

Dipshit:"Why the hell do you think I said 'MILF'?"

Someone With Actual Human Intelligence: "I'm fuckin' done bro.
by XenoFoxOfficial March 8, 2016
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Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck. Any woman (usually a celebrity) with young children who is sexually desirable.
"That Susanna Hoffs out of the Bangles is a right milf"
by World of Weird July 10, 2003
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Abbreviation for Moro Islamic Liberation Front an orginization in the Phillipinnes seekingto establish an Islamic state on the island of Mindanao
Dude, That group of MILFs just shot me in the fuckin' leg!
by Sprinklz931 December 22, 2007
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Man, I'd LIKE to Fuck. A term that was around in the late 60's and in the 80's slowly became the term Mom/Mother I'd like to Fuck. The original term was evised for both sexes as the term 'Man' was really an exclamation.
Susie: Man, he's one hot Milf.
Jimmy: Shit, Susie, you'r a bit of a milf yerself!
by Sir Alex Ferguson April 29, 2003
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