A man boy living at home with his parents, but looks down on anyone that does better then them, thinks pc master race makes them able to speak to whoever they like however they like, only to prove that they themselfs are infacemt the ones u able
You said you knew better and know the way but your back to where you started, such a louis
by Paul should of walked August 27, 2020
A louis is the kind of guy every girl needs in her life. He falls in love way too easily and never fully gets over the girl he lost. Having a louis as a friend is the most amazing thing that could happen to anyone. Hes smart, shy, funny, cute, a little nerdy (in a good way), and the nicest person ive ever met. Hes kind thoughtful caring and sweet.

If u get lucky enough to have a louis as a friend, dont let him go. Hes extremely easy to upset. Hes been through things you will never understand, no matter how much you try. Comfort him in times of need, and he'll do the same for you. Louis is my best friend, i will never let that change!

Having a louis as a boyfriend is something ive never experienced first hand, but might experience soon. Louis ive known you for so long, and i know you like me more than most guys have, but i dont know if im ready to love again. He left me broken, but i think im falling for u, and i know youll be there to catch me.
L- loving
O- over emotional
U- understanding
Louis i love you.
Louis-hey,what r u doing?
Me-nothing ( i really want to tell you all the things that r going wrong in my life but im afraid my honesty will give hints to my actual feelings for you, and u might get some ideas. Because i actually really like u back but cant risk loosing you as a friend, and im secretly afraid others will judge me for liking you)
by Missfakename117 December 8, 2013
Louies are the wonderful fans of Louis Tomlinson. They are the kindest people ever and are the biggest supporters of the amazing singer/songwriter.
“The Louies are going crazy and are streaming ‘Walls’ on all platforms

“Louies are superior”
by Kennedy Montgomery July 9, 2020
An all round cool guy, a proper genius
That guy is such a louis he is awsome
by Sibsta99 January 21, 2021
A very nice and smart guy. Always has a smile and is always happy. He is very cute and kind. Always great to have him near you. Never gives up and stands up for his friends. The best guy you'll ever meet!
1. Wow... Look at that guy!

2. Well of course.... it Louis.
by Cweamy November 14, 2015
A loving boy who is the best boyfriend ever. He is someone you will always love no matter what. He is one of those people who you always think about even if you dont want to. Louis is a very intelligent person who is very understanding and is always there for you. He is a big flrit and a hit with all the ladies becuase of his amazing personality. Hes also the best friend someone could wish for, he is always there for you when you need him most. Louis is the definition of perfect.

O-Out of this world
Girl- whos your boyfriend then?
Girl 2- Louis :D

Girl- Lucky hes a keeper!
Girl 2- thank you ill never let him go, hes to perfect.
by Kiarakatie October 6, 2011
A Louis is a tall guy with an abnormally large penis and natural hormones that girls can’t help but swoon over.
Tiffany: I had sex with Louis last night. It was the best ever!!
by DJKrummelpap July 2, 2020