Replaces words like look, watch, pay attention. Also replaces phrases: look out! look at that!
Ew man look it! There's a brand new chevy.
by Carter SN October 2, 2005
Predatory male behavior. It can either be looking to get laid or looking for pussy to destroy. It can be malevolent or just a desire to get laid.
Dude was "on the look" for some new strange.
by Meat0311 January 10, 2016
A shortened version of "look at this" or "look at it". Also spelled/pronounced "look 'et," "lookit," and "looket".
Hey guys lookit this! "Mom, lookit what I did!" Look it, look it!!!
by marshall14 September 24, 2010
The look you have when you like someone or want to kiss them
I gave Sophia the look but the look on her face was go away
by Used Diaper November 5, 2019
(noun) an intense stare between two people with obvious affection for each other
Oh my god , you guys, Ryan and I had a major looking in math class today! It was for, like, 10 seconds!!
by TaKiBy August 19, 2008