The act of an individual giving a self inflicted wedgie while wearing white underwear (briefs) to mimic a makeshift thong, after which said individual struts around crowing "LA-rah LOOKS!!!" in reference to the character from the television program "Family Matters"
Oh shit, he's doing Laura-Looks.

Brett ran into the room, his Hanes underwear jacked up into his butt crack, screaming "Laura-Looks" , excitedly announcing his provocative fashion choice.
by LauaraLooker April 1, 2022
in an awkward or uncomfortable situation, said to relieve tension. often said by someone who is socially anxious
'dies my ex best friend is here looks around'
by archietelf November 19, 2021
The expression of discontent directed towards other individuals after prolonged exposure to Liars.
After hearing one of Bobby's stories, Bill and I shared The Bobby look.
by Claytonb May 14, 2012
Used by in cels

Women look advantage all the time. It's equal standing stop saying it's natural for a man to look at a woman. It's just as natural for a woman to look another woman or man. Ect. Ect. Ect.
Yonbergo: fucking deep
Girl: ....look aDvAnTaGe...okay.
by ||♡|| November 7, 2020
The quick glance, when looking for an item, a female significant other makes when her husband has asked her to look for something that she deems unimportant or just, would rather, not have it found.
"She totally did a woman-look when I asked her to pick up my game. It was right where i said it would be!"
by Silkenthread August 24, 2018
a sub world in RAIN WORLD were its COMPLEATLY barren of life (except SHOCK jelly fish (idk what they are), neon flies, and LOOKS TO MOON.) there really Isn't much to do here besides looking for those collectable plants and visiting looks to moon
by someone else thats not u March 8, 2021