A white girl who loves the black man, loves that black dick and all the brothers, she only fucks with black guys

You will see her strutting down the street holding her niggas hand like she won something
big tall black guy and a hot blonde white girl walking down the street, two guys walk past them
"dam dude a kardashian! she looked happy as fuck brah!"
"yea man she was smiling like a mofucka!"
by JyahC July 14, 2016
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An irritating species that dwells in the lovely state of California. They like their coffee how they like their men, except for the exception of Scott Disick. They use strange vocabulary because they never got an education. Plastic surgery is their god and they wouldn’t be rich without it. They’re so desperate for attention they’ll post nudes on their social media’s even though they have fucking kids.
North: “Mommy how did you become famous?!”

Kim Kardashian: “shit...”
by Shookums666 August 18, 2018
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A chronic condition of extreme self-indulgence, characterized by self-involvement, absence of moral character, histrionic attention-seeking, inappropriate sexual activity, and overly large buttocks.
After you bought your Bentley, I was convinced you suffered from Kardashianism.
by Stewardess14 March 28, 2014
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To fart and queef at the same time.
She was cute, but she could clear the dance floor with one kardashian.
by Hank TADD April 11, 2009
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A group of demons in human form who can shoot lasers out of their eyes that attract stupid males. A scantily-dressed crime against evolution, the leader of whom (Kim Kardashian) deserves to be shot several times and then kept alive on her own ground-up organs.
GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Run! It's the Kardashians! Run in the name of originality!
by SilawenGreenleaf June 26, 2011
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A fake, bitchy, self-centered, person who thinks of no one but themselves who is willing to do anything (sex tape) to become famous.
Ugh, I hate that girl she could be a kardashian!
by For_sure December 15, 2013
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