A Hitler is when you stick your finger up your ass, and smeer the shit on there upper lip, while either asleep, sadated or unconcoisus on your kitchen floor
"has that little boy not noticed that he has a hitler on his lip"
"Yeah I gave this kid a hitler while he was ODing on mesciline"
by Andrew Ricardo May 1, 2006
A person who descriminates against a group of peoples. Similar to that of Adolf Hitler's hatred of the Jews.
The desire to maim and/or kill all people of a different origin.
"Americans pulled a Hitler during WWII by imprisoning the Japanese and the Japanese-Americans in concentration camps"
by Kidonia Shinji June 20, 2006
A useful tool in the last line of defence in any debate or argument. Born in 1888, Hitler lives to this day in the recesses of bankrupt discourse.
"Well, that's like something Hitler would say."
by BritishArrow September 4, 2011
A label for anyone you politically disagree with.
by Nickac December 12, 2018
You should hire a Hitler to take out multiple Karen’s
by Epicwigger August 11, 2019
HITLER was the best man to ever exist
by Gozozo March 2, 2021