When a guy spaffs into a bottle filled with liquid (usually sprite) and the girl proceeds to drink it.
by Nottherealcoolguy December 08, 2019
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1.)slang used in hawaii for Heineken, also is the only thing at hawaiian recycling centers
2.)popular party song in hawaii by king kekai
We went to the bar the other day and had some green bottles.

I love the song green bottles, they played it last night at the party.
by hapa_aiyana February 16, 2008
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A theory that states that any beverage (I.E. a liquid you drink) that comes packaged in a Green Bottle mixes well with anything else that comes in a Green Bottle.

Examples of things that come in Green Bottles
Sodas such as Mellow Yellow, Squirt, Sprite, Mountain Dew, and 7-Up.
Alcoholic beverages the comes in green bottles such as Heineken, Tanqueray, Midori, Hard Ciders, some Wine, and Jagermeister.
Other things such as NyQuil, some Teas, and other such things
Green Bottle Theory
by Prof.FankN.Stein May 27, 2011
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