Here, take this. for your journey.

You have to many items to take a fucking joke.
Yo why cant you take A fucking joke?
by TheCapnREEEEEEEEE February 18, 2020
its pretty hard to call urban dictionary an actual dictionary. its more a forum for haters, its a huge fucking joke.
by Young Reezie January 31, 2008
1) Person 1: "Ay want to hear a huge fucking joke?"

Person 2: "No-one wants to listen to your life story."

2) We need to build a wall, or a fort, or an asylum to keep this man from seeing the light of day ever again.
by The One They Call Faggot June 19, 2016
An expression of despair at the situation at hand. Usually used in exasperation when all other logical explanations of a particular predicament are no longer valid.
Chap 1: Well, we seem to have an awful lot of problems and those responsible seem to be doing very little about it.

Chap 2: Yeah, it's a fucking joke mate.

Chap 1: Mugs.
by tip2 September 22, 2011
When you and your female friend have coitus but only as a joke
Kamryn, i know we fucked last night but i was just kidding. Ya know i thought you were in on the joke fuck. I thought we could both have a laugh about it today at work.
by BigRodRodney November 24, 2019