Term used to emphasize one's indifference on the presupposition of interest, especially when "through a rolling doughnut".
"You think we want to hear your opinion? Nobody gives a flying fuck through a rolling doughnut what you think, Ted!"
by AbnormalBoy March 31, 2004
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An extremely rare flightless bird. Not much is known about the Flying Fuck, as it's regular habitat is unknown. Extremely valuble to sell, so few people are able to give a Flying fuck.
by Svond March 25, 2015
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something that is very rarely given.
usually a user will say they will not give someone else one if they are annoyed or angered by a comment by the same person.
#1: Wow you suck. I beat you at Halo for the 56th time.
#2: I don't give a flying fuck!
by swamp thing November 10, 2005
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When the penis is inserted into the vagina (sexual intercourse) while the trousers are still on with the penis going through the fly.

Used for very fast entry or when in an unusual area such as the park.
He fly fucked her in the corner.

He was so horny he just fly fucked her.

They just did it fly fucking style.
by Wich Chammins October 7, 2008
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Something that one does not give when the situation does not apply to them, or is uninteresting to them, or is not inherently valuable to them.

Can also be phrased as "flying-ass fuck."
Brian: "Hey Jordan, that guy is going to be at the party tonight."
Jordan: "I don't give a flying fuck, that guy is so far beneath me that worms make him eat shit off their shoes."

Brian: "Hey, did you hear that the Patriots lost the game last night?"
Jordan: "I don't give a flying-ass fuck, the Patriots can eat my cock for all I care."
by Swivelnuts November 10, 2011
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Dismissive admonition to leave or simply a negative response to a request. Most usually stated in no uncertain terms. Military slang especially US Navy from the 50s
Duke, could you lend me a hand?” Duke, “Go take a flying fuck on a rolling donut.”
by Tony Duhamel January 5, 2006
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To not give a flying fuck is to be aggressively disinterested in the thing or its outcome. The full version is to not give a flying fuck at a rolling ring donut
Jon: hey it's Alice's birthday
Tony: I don't give a flying fuck

Sam: Tony wants to come to your birthday party
Alice: tell him to go take a flying fuck at a rolling ring donut
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