when you got skittles that you forget
dailin: i got skittles but i forgot because they're in the bottom of the bag
by bottom of the bag March 17, 2016
the literal definition of this phrase is referring to the bottom of a bag of chips. the slang definition of this phrase was brought about by an instance of a person purposely opening a bag of chips from the bottom and then claiming that it is normal/common practice when it is obviously not common practice. ever since that pivotal moment in history, anything that is uncommonly weird and/or eccentric can be referred to as “bottom of the bag”. this phrase is synonymous with “that’s sus” (as in “that action is suspect”)
Tom: did you see Spike get some hand-sanitizer and use it style his hair?
Jerry: Yeah, that was kind of Bottom of the Bag for him to do that
by zacharyH January 15, 2021
Having sex on a Greyhound Bus; The opposite of the mile high club
Jack: How was the ride down?

Joe: It was awesome! I joined the Rock Bottom Club
by MontezumaPython December 15, 2016
Close bestfriend that always got your back no matter what aka rod.
Hold on girl let me call my top bottom bitch before we go 💅
by itsDingbat November 24, 2020
"clear bottoms" meaning clear heels made popular in night/gentlemen clubs, a classic accessory to any swinger of the pole; every stripper's accessory; hooker heels
Sally, "I got a late shift tonight i don't know what to wear girl."
Amy, "Girl just throw on some clear bottoms"
by MALC_dotcom January 26, 2012
A woman, man, transgendered, non-bianary person who fucks/sucks anything that walks.
I went to the bar and went home with a runny bottom street bang.
by Ledlegs December 28, 2018