an acquaintance that is only spoken to when all of one's real friends are absent.
A: Why were you talking to Erik that other day?
B: Dude, he's just a back-up friend. nobody else was around worth talking to.
by assgoblin82 January 31, 2007
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A friend who isn't really part of the group, but who you hang out with when the rest of the group is gone.
Why isn't Kailyn paying any attention to Meggie?

Oh, Meggie's just her back-up friend. She's talking to Ashley right now.
by Sleet October 23, 2009
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someone you are friends with, but doesn't make the list(first cut, VIP, ect) for an activity, and then is called upon to fill in when a "Real friend" cannot be there
1)Hey did you enjoy the party?
Nah, i didn't know there was one.:(
Oh that's right, because you're a BACK-UP FRIEND! HAHA

2) Hey man, i can't make it tonight. Call Drew, you know he doesn't have any real friends.
Hey Drew wanna come to the party tonight?
by Tim Horlacher May 18, 2006
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A person that is a "friend" but is treated very poorly, and is only used as a second option incase their #1 friend isnt around.

back-up friends may be ignored, and not invited to things.
a back-up person are in a trio relationship of any kind

they may be that friend that walks behind the group when they are talking about something they didnt go to, and the friend that gets left on read in the groupchat and gets called annoying.
"I feel like a back-up friend when im around her." -1
"im sorry for you" -2
by Da.weirdo July 5, 2022
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