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One who explodes the head of laypeople solely through force of wit. May or may not shoot laser beams from eyes.
"And a man of presumptuous knowledge did prattle on about details extraneous. And the villagers did strain to contend with his verbal excess. And then did a Trogger step into the village green, and made the head of this man explode. And it was good."
- Leviticus 18:14

"New York; it's a mean streets town. Got your pushers, pullers, hookers, dealers. Pigs and dogs; mice and men. It would sink into its own filth entirely were it not for the vigilante Trogger who keeps the bottom of Hell scraped so more angels can keep falling down, down, down."
- Hunter S. Thompson, "Rat City"

"Hey brah I'm gonna totally mack on that babe."

"No way brah she just started seein' a Trogger, you ain't got shit on him dude."

by BeardOfChuckNorris March 15, 2009
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