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The action of neglecting someone when they converse with you on MSN Messsenger (Or any other popular messaging services - not sexually orientated as this phrase has different connotations in a sexual context).

This is true of when the 'sly' user is online and remaining silent (like a mouse, alpaca or sloth), but not so when the user blocks or deletes the other contact, or communicates verbally in any way.

This could be from either annoyance, fear, rebellion or even for fetish related reasons.

This phrase became used after British eccentric Keenan Fuller exploited the tactic (act of cowardice) in a string of MSN Messenger conversations.
A typical MSN conversation...
Michael Barrymore ; 'Cheggers do you suck your toes often, you flamingo shagger?'
(Cheggers becomes silent despite his status being 'Online')

The next day at the office...

Michael Barrymore; Hey Jeremy!
Jeremy Beadle; Hi mike you swine!
Michael Barrymore; Hows the marzipan ladder business going?
Jeremy Beadle; Well, you know, Delia Smith keeps eatin em dont she
Michael Barrymore; Bitch!
Chris Eubank; I say!

Michael Barrymore; Hey i asked Cheggers about the toesucking yesterday!
Jeremy Beadle & Chris Eubank in unison; What did he say!!!???
Michael Barrymore; Dunno - I was chatting to him on MSN and he suddenly went very quiet after i asked...
Chris Eubank; Ahh - you know what he did dontcha?
Jeremy Beadle: Well he did a sly Keenan on ya...
by Oliver Sanchez May 18, 2008
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