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To be hit in the face by a large, double headed, black dildo causing a nose hemorrhage.
Everyone get out of the hot tub!!! Bryan just got a segovia and his nose is bleeding!
by @_OTableFlippers November 14, 2011
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1. One who is taken over by an unknown law force when his radio sounds, even when engaging in an in-depth conversation.
2. One who resembles a wiggle, preferably the purple one.
3. One who thinks he's funny, although he's actually not.
4. One who has many plans, none of which will probably work.
5. One who's mexican influenced dog substitues for a child, and looks like a naked mole rat.
6. One who uses two last names, knowin s/he only got one.
7. One who needs to keep the pictures on their camera hidden.
8. One who dresses like a hippie, and wears tye-die & hemp to important meetings.
9.One who enjoys multi-colered polos.
10. One who is always there for you when needed, and shows much love and consideration, but is still busted.
" Hey Mr. Ben-Wilson, you need to keep a leash on your children, they're eating at my turnips... You're such A Segovia!"

" Someone's parked in my parking spot this morning!" "I need to consult the resident officer, in his office with the purple couch and his multi-colored polo on, maybe A Segovia."
by Zapata Smith-Segovia October 04, 2006
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