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Sweet person: This is usually a term used as a verb to express a positive attribute about a person, when there is no possible way to compliment them on any visible strong points. This is a very common practive and usually used to describe someone you are related to, or associated with not by choice in public conversation. They are usally fat, dumb, ugly or generally repulsive to the gereral public.
Old lady #1- Oh how are you? I saw you grandson the other day at the park with his wife. It was so sweet they were having a picnic.

Old lady #2(guys grandma)- Oh really? oh, thats so great they get out like that they have had a hard time getting out lately, its so sad hes such a sweet person I wish i could see more of them.

Old lady #1- Ya thats so sad, I hope things get better.

( old ladys, go on their way)
( old lady #1-thinks in her head)

#1-Gee I wonder if she has alzheimer's? I know I'd want it if I had a ugly fat ass grandson like that, and his wife my hell I think I puked in my mouth a little. They really shouldnt be out in public like that it looked like two beached, retarted manatees fighting over the last cheese stick from Jack in the box. Ughhh

(Old lady #2 in her head)

#2-Ohh that is so embarrasing, I hope she thinks I have alzheimer's. I just want to move to florida so I dont have to see that fat bastard and his nasty retarted wife. They eat my house bare every christmas, its like a little rascal scooter derby everytime those fat shits come by, and then Im cleaning scooter marks off the kitchen floor for days. For god sakes they ate the plastic fruit basket last year before they even got to the kitchen. Oh well I guess you cant choose your family and mabey Ill out live em. I know one thing, scooter can forget his walk today, I'll be god dame if Im walkin through that park ever again!
by The realist (t-esu) February 03, 2010
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