The Penguin is a sexual act performed by a street gal/guy (hooker, prostitute, someone who charges money for sexual acts) on a John (Person paying for sexual act). Usual cost is $10 USD. The John standing, with hooker on their knees, pulls pants down to ankles. Performs BJ (Oral sex) just as the John is about the Blow His Load (Cum, orgasm), the hooker stops, stands up and walks away. The John in serious distress, with pants around ankles, waddles like a Penguin after hooker, shouting " Hey come back here"
Leaving my favorite watering hole, this hooker asks me if I want to have some fun." I do want to have some fun, but I only have ten dollars" was my response. "You have ten dollars"? the hooker says. "Yes I do " was my reply. "Well for ten dollars you can get a Penguin" said the hooker. "A Penguin?" I said with a questionable look on my face. "Yes, give me your ten bucks and I'll give you a Penguin". I handed her my ten bucks and she lead me down the alley to a dark corner. Wasted no time getting my pants down to my ankles and started giving me a sloppy two handed (there was room for three hands had she had them) blow job. Not even a minute passes and I start to get that funny feeling, letting out the quietest of moans. Both hands gripping her head so she has no choice but take my yogurt stream straight to the belly. Another un-containable moan of pleasure was released letting her know the great job she was doing, then then then ....... SHE STOOD UP AND WALKED AWAY!!! A few seconds it took me to figure out what just happened, before I waddled like a Penguin after her saying " Hey wait, where you going"?
by Trever VanPageant September 25, 2019
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When two or more people try and stand as close together as possible with both hands in their pockets to avoid cold weather and strong winds.
This form of behavior is inspired by the Emperor Penguins, who form a big huddle (also known as the turtle formation) to avoid the extreme cold.
The participants will push themselves closer and closer to the group’s shifting center to keep warm.
“It’s so cold and windy. Let’s penguin to keep warm.”
“Look at that group of people penguining. I wish I could join them.”
“I’m freezing! Shall we penguin?”
by Doram Jacoby and Ellie Brill January 28, 2019
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Typically done by prostitutes and crack whores. This means to remove a man's pants to his ankles and then run off with his money leaving him waddling after you like a penguin.
Man 1:"Dude, you got 5 bucks I can borrow?"
Man 2:"I'm totally broke. Last night this crack whore gave me the penguin."
by AnnaleseLover March 14, 2006
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The process where we lose our ability to preform certain skills because of an over reliance of tools that we have created. e.g. calculators, computers, iTouch, etc. This happened when penguins stopped flying and they lost the ability to fly after a certain amount of time that had passed.
We were once able to add numbers visually at great speed, but have lost the ability due to the introduction of calculators is an example of penguinization. Cell phones with speed dial is another example of no longer remembering anyone's phone number because we access numbers electronically rather than relying on our memory.
by Icchok January 27, 2010
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A bizarre condition in where once nibbled on by a penguin, they develop a "love" towards them, and can't stop thinking about them, this mythical disease is believed to made Linus, the creator of Linux, pick a penguin as a mascot for his newly made operating system
by Sir Terry December 31, 2013
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An extremely cool bird that will kill all who do not absolutly love it and has the potential to invent space travel and wish to establish a colony on Pluto
"the penguins have launched several thousand AM-Bombs around the world after extracting their supporters. We're all fucking screwed."
by Dreian Yoshi October 25, 2004
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