An individual who's motivations are questionable at best, lack the ability to work hard and generally an annoying individual.
Wow that person is such a Nicki.
I'm going to Nicki today at work
by AHardWorker October 1, 2018
1. Someone who is sexy af

2. Someone who doesn't know their own sexiness

3. Someone who is completely amazing, beautiful, and considerate, and the best person in the world to be with; if you have her you've won the bloody lottery
Someone who isn't Nicki: "Hey Nicki, you're cute and sexy af"
Nicki: "No, I'm not..."
Someone who isn't Nicki: "Do you even realize that you're denying it in a cute way...?"
Nicki: "..."
Someone who isn't Nicki: "Look, girl, you have to buy yourself a mirror someday.."
by EJ420 December 2, 2020
Nicki is a girl that will do whatever the fuck she wants. She is a pretty girl with a cute smile. She won't listen to anyone and what they think . She is the best person to be friends with because she will always have your back.
Nicki is a savage bro!!!
by Iamthebestbro78790 March 25, 2018
an amazing women and mother, shes always there for you through thick and thin she loves you unconditionally and would never want to replace you.
Nicki is the best
by khynsauuue February 7, 2018
Nickie is usually the best person you will ever meet. Innocent and charming, they will become very good friends, albeit socially inactive at times. Typically playing WoW or other games, a Nickie can be found bringing joy to other's lives often at the expense of their own.
Nickie is my best friend and one of the nicest people that this cruel world can produce.
by ForcefulLunge September 6, 2018
An awesome, amazing, wonderful lady with a big heart that loves her family and friends unconditionally.
You're name is Nicky? That's why you're so awesome!
by NP92 December 20, 2016