When a sexy ass man named Nathan takes some sexy ass photos.
by OwOQuen October 27, 2021
I was Nathaned, that's why I never got the belt, my big brother did.
by 4KLFTRX December 22, 2020
The tenancy to gain skill in a particular pursuit or passion, given time expended towards its completion.
Nathan doesn't observe Nathan's law, as he does not gain skill over time in PUBG.
by bill schuler June 19, 2018
When a friend (usually an avid sesher) decides to bring 5 grams of marijuana to a function. The function usually will be small, averaging 2-4 people
"I heard that one guy from the party last night wants to bring a nathan suprise tomorrow night"
by VIMETTLE April 4, 2021
Oh my god its Nathan hurt NANI. Nathan burt eats penis for days
by Nojuseatsdick April 28, 2018