the loverly person who gave birth to me and has and will look after me 4 the rest of her life
i love u mummy
by elmo July 9, 2002
Mummy is always there for me. She never lets you down. She is there in your heart, even if you fall out. Mummy should never take the bad things you do to heart, you always do it because there’s something that hasn’t gone your way. We all love mummy, and she should never think otherwise.
by #always 💕 love January 8, 2018
the action of a man ejaculating (cumming) on a womans lips as she is sleeping. as the semen dries throughout the night, the dried ejaculate will seal close the womans mouth..When the woman awakes she will not be able to talk or open her mouth.. she will grunt and moan like a mummy.
"my wife came home drunk from the bar and woulnt blow me. so i decided to give her The Mummy, Bitch!"
by R to the izzo B to the 40 October 15, 2009
While getting an awful blowjob, you cum in both of her eyes and while she proceeds to get up and search for a towel she will look like a mummy.
Dude last night Valeria was giving me a bad BJ so I gave her the mummy and it took her 5 minutes to find a towel.
by cumnizzelfoshizzle July 7, 2008
A human turd wrapped carefully in toilet paper to resemble a hollywood mummy. Finishing touches of eyes and a smile by magic marker. Often referred as "Mummy's Revenge" when unknowingly placed behind a toilet in it's proverbial tomb.
Shannon placed an "upper deck" on Joe, and Bill layed a "mummy" behind his toilet.
by Billy LosManios September 15, 2006
This word word is written mummy and pronounced like that in places like the uk.SoThis person who loves you and care for you through your life supporting you through your troubles either growing up or problems you couldn't handle on your own thanks to them we have learnt many morals and lessons but sadly for some this isn't the reality for some people for other people their mothers may be abusive talk to them and act to them in ways that may be considered illegal to many but thanks to people who have balls big enough to get help with their depressing family life*if anybody is In this situation seek help because they may do something to you that changes your future as a human being.
Mummy when will we walk to school?
A racial slur used for Egyptians.
That mummy did it
by laylalalalala April 9, 2021