Verb. A process where a car manufacturer stops making the interesting/exciting models it was known for, they will then typically replace them all with a range of anonymous looking electric SUVs.

Doing A Mitsubishi will often result in any positive associations the brand may have had in the past getting forgotten by the general public
PERSON A - " I hear that Jaguar are going to stop making sports models and replace them with electric SUVs by the end of the decade."

PERSON B - "Wow, sounds like they're pulling A Mitsubishi"
by Complete_Twit February 23, 2021
Legendary Ecstasy pill 'brand' of the late 1990's and early 21st century, the Mitsubishi phenomenon was the result of two concurrent phenomenon: the first batch of quality MDMA in tablet form for around half a decade and the sudden mass-popularisation of the drug, mainly aided by tabloid scaremongering.

The humble mitsubishi (so-called because of the symbol on the front of the tablets which emulated the marque of the popular car-maker) was copied widely almost as soon as it hit the streets, in much the same way as were Doves a decade earlier, resulting in a similar damaging effect on the 'brand'. It also spawned a semi-legal side-industry in badges, t-shirts, mouse-mats and other consumables.
"Me So Bitchy"
--Badge sold on Camden Market in the early 2000's. Above the slogan was the Mitsubishi logo.

"I just spend all week daytdreamin' at me desk. What will it be next week? Snowballs, Doves, Mitsubishis..."

--Altered State.
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
a company that wanted to kill us all in the 1940s, and now makes fantastic cars like the EVO (all thought I'm a Subaru fan boxer power!!! spite the fact still a fantastic car.) as well as cars they make TV's computer parts (semiconductors) and sell fish I'm not kidding look it up they are the largest company in Japan, and have concord us in a entirely different way.
by wseroyer June 26, 2008
A decent car manufacturer in the '90s, went to shit when they tried to replace the extinct 3000GT with the new Eclipse. The most recent (failed) attempt at a sports car, the '06 Eclipse, is another example of how the company has gone downward with the influence of Chrysler Motors Corp. The only Mitsubishi worth buying after 1999 is the Evolution, which still rages on today, leaving Honduhs and most other car brands (excluding selected Lambos and Ferraris) staring at their tail lights. Mitsubishi still makes a good TV, however, and a Mitsubishi VCR/DVD player is also a good buy.
Idiot - Hey, isn't my 2000 Eclipse cool?

Me - Yea, except your engine is weak and can't take even 10 lb of boost without severe mods...wanna race my 1990 Eclipse?

Idiot - Sure..*light turns green*....oh my, those are some nice tail lights, I wish I could catch up.
by turb0d00d June 9, 2005
Fine Auto makers from Japan.
Also created:
The winningest rallycar in the world, the Mitsubishi 4g63t powered Evolution series I-VIII
The Galant Vr-4 (awd, aws, also 4g63t powered)
The Mirage (Evo's nasty little brother)
CaLviN kikz arse in his one of a kind Mitsubishi Evo VI conversion.
Chicks dig the Mitsu's..
by CaLviN May 7, 2003
1. A Japanese word meaning three diamonds.

2. A Japanese company that makes electronics, cars, airplanes, ships, and even canned tuna.

3. A Japanese word commonly mispronounced by Americans. See karaoke, karate, and ninja
My ship was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Mitsubishi is pronounced Me-Tsu-Be-She, and not Mit-sub-be-she. Stupid Americans.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 21, 2005
Mitsubishi, is indeed one of the world's biggest coporation. However, the history of Mitsubishi, is somewhat dark.
Originally, during the Japanese occupation in Korea during 1900 until the A-Bomb over hiroshima, Mitsubushi brought in millions of Korean women, children, as well as men, as laborers who were put into factories which had ill conditions. These myriad of Koreans were treated as slaves.

Mitsubishi also used to make and still are today, Japan's military aircraft producer. the company logo of Mitsubishi, the three diamonds, is actually a representant of the propellers of aircraft produced during WW2( Just like Benz and BMW logo!). Mitsubishi still makes jetfighters for Japan Defense Force.

Mitsubushi faced many scandals and predicaments during its time. Mitsubishi is said to be backed by right-wing Japanese radicals. Apparently, some key members were affliated with the Yakuza syndicate during the 1900-1940s.

Today, Mitsubishi makes cars, electronics, and pretty much everything. However, they still fail to pay compensation, like the Japanese government, to the millions of Koreans who worked as slaves under not only Mitsubishi, but many other major Japanese corporations today.

Mitsubishi cars are losing ground in todays automarket(even Hyundai and Kia's are doing better), largely because of its poor afterserivce, as well as crappy warranty policies. However, notable Mitsubishi cars are the Eclipse generation, and the EVO. One of the best World Rally Championship cars. Still the overall quality of Mitsubishi is somewhat faltering.

Some people are even claiming Mitsubishi to be near extinction. Who knows? Only the future will tell. But note this,

"He who builds on the people, builds on mud."
Mitsubishi's dark history is not yet known to the public until now.

Mitsubishi EVO VIII kicks ass!
by kigga July 24, 2005