when a girl is giving you head, she shoves her thumb up your rectum, then proceeds to hook and plunge your anus.
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
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Only the best looking avatar ever. He is a member of the Wanted(1/5 of the wanted) from Robin Hood land. He loves the film Avatar, eats Skittles and is a vegetarian. He has a lizard called Neytiri or Tia for short, which most people use because they can't spell Neytiri. Jay attempts to be a G, he twapes people regularly, he has beautiful curly hair and is a fan of Kerry Katona. May also be know as Jaybird, Javatar, James (Maureen his mummy calls him this) or sex on legs (my name of him x) He apparently has Quoikey ears and is part of the bromances Jam, Jiva, Jaythan and Jax. Thursjay is named after him. He also states that he uses factor 50 suncream.
Person 1: Did you see the Wanted on the television last night?
Person 2: Yes, and that Jay McGuiness is a cracker isn't he... he has beautiful eyes and a lovely voice.

Person 1: Do you know what?
Person 2: You want to touch Jay McGuiness's lizard, I know I do!!

Person: Jay McGuiness= nom
by @LauraTheWanted April 18, 2011
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A fabulous human that has a Facebook page that makes everyone laugh
'Omg did you see the new Will McGuiness video?'
by Jodie_ratboy July 23, 2013
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when you’re fingering someone in public and they shit on your fingers and then lick it off
I was getting with a guy in the park and he did a mcguiness!! It was so gross!
by pseudourban January 09, 2021
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