The sexiest man alive. Has a sexi body and gets all ladys. Has a HUUGGEEE dick and knows how to use it.
That "Martino" has one HUGE dick and knows how to use it :-D!!!
by Doc. M October 05, 2010
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A woman that uses her hands too much while speaking.
A woman who plays with her moustache.
Look at Martino, she's been plucking those moustache hairs for hours!
by Chubby Hughes January 21, 2011
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the act of incorporating a scientific term/notion into an everyday conversation.
Guy 1: "Bruh- I bet the Earth makes fun of the other planets for not having any life."
Guy 2: "uhh..."
Guy 1: "#Martino."
by butyoureugly June 18, 2014
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A Faggot who treats everyone like shit, hangs out with squeakers like Mike I, thinks he's better than everyone, and takes up more space than Alan.
Dante Martino is fat
by Dante Martino is gay April 26, 2012
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They are a supportive special group of people. We're loyal and unstoppable. We're the type of group that if you come foom our favorite better believe we're COMING FOR YOUR ASS! We're the type that if no one supports our fav better believe we will. We are not just a fan base, but we are a FAMILY.

We will always stick together no matter what.
Team Martino is the best
by I'm a Martino Fan May 05, 2016
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1) A statute used in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. States that for a couple to raise or adopt a foster child, they must first have a natural child of their own. Used to prevent mis care or child abuse in the county.

2) A slang word used to relate to unfit parents.
1) I heard those people in that blue house wanted to adopt, but they can't because Martino's Law won't let them.

2) I don't know about that couple at the end of the street. I think somebody better turn them in for violating Martino's Law.
by A For Anon April 06, 2008
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