A gorgeous and funny person who somebody would love to be with. A FIona is someone who is perfect but unavailable. A Fiona is generally a sexy and amazing species of a human being. Somebody to be jealous much of.
'I wish I could have A Fiona'

'A Fiona is all I want'
by Jealous much? July 1, 2014
Fiona’s are usually very funny and nice. Gets angry at some times but probably has a good reason to. Fiona’s are strong, shy at first, and loves to hang out with friends. Fiona’s are very beautiful and sexy as they grow up. They usually have hasel, blue, or green eyes. Fiona’s usually fear being embarrassed and shows it very easily. Fiona’s are not scared to show how they feel. If you have a Fiona in your life, she must really care about you! Fiona’s are very easily forgiving and hates to be in fights with friends! Treat a Fiona right. If a Fiona doesn’t like you, there is probably a good reason for her not to.
Guy #1-Who is that girl? She’s so cute!
Guy #2-Oh her? That’s Fiona!
by xfionax November 22, 2018
A supernova; bright, unexplored, surrounded by astonishing mystery and depth. Makes Fiona superb on earth, as it is in space. Goddess of life itself, kind to species of all sorts. Transfer tears of sorrow into joy, witnessing the good even in the shallow darkness of bad. Makes bad to good, good to great and so on. Fiona is, objectively speaking, the greatest, most enlightning, though understandable creature on earth. Meaning, Fiona is mankinds guide to success, directing the extensive meaning of life itself.
”Im having a rough day, I hope I’ll fiona it better”
by Xtrafiona August 31, 2020
a “fiona” super caring and fun!! she will always bring a smile to your face whenever you are feeling down. although she has problems of her own,, she will not fail to tell you how special and loved by everyone you are !!

fionas are the bestest friends you will find so TREAT THEM RIGHT

and!! fionas are beautiful asf :)
omg fiona is so hottt
by zen bestieee June 9, 2021
Fiona's are the most prettiest girls you will ever meet. They are brave, powerful, adventurous, and lovable. Every girl that knows her wants to be her, every boy wants to date her. Fiona has the most beautiful bodies and sparkling eyes. Fiona loves to explore and be active. Every boy that meets her wants to be her best friend. Fiona is not afraid to step outside the box and be different.
Wow do you see that amazing girl, that's Fiona of course
by Sydneyqueen November 13, 2016
Fiona is a really nice person. She is caring,loving, and incredible. She is shy at first. When you understand her more you will realize how lucky of a person you are to have her as your friend. Don’t ever hurt her or break her heart.
Man, Fiona’s are really cute.
by Skskskskirrttt August 16, 2019
Fiona is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is Brave, Loyal, Strong, and independent. Sh has many friends who all want to be like her, all the boys who see her want to date her and be her best friend. Fiona has an amazing body with sparkling eyes. Fiona has an amazing sense of humor and is very funny. She is not afraid to be different and think outside the box.
wow who's that beautiful girl, thats fiona of course.
by Sydneyqueen November 13, 2016