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A Doughty, also known as pocket rocket, lil bundle of fun and that men-talist is an example of a
stereotypical chemistry buff who, under the right circumstances and guidance, can come out to party like a little damn foo.

Under true guidance a Doughty can start drinking in pubs, start to develop a sophisticated musical taste and percive the 55 year old Jean Michel Jarre to be 'sexy'. This displays a growing sense of maturity and depth of character.
A Doughty also displays an intense desire to remove clothing when intoxicated and indulge in two three two (whatever that may be).

Though having truly terrible taste in men, with one notable exception, a Doughty is a general wholesome laugh and always lets sexually frustrated men have a grope, a fact not gone unnoticed by persons mentioned Tom, Grant or Robert.

A Doughty gets horny and talks about 'loving' any attractive person in the vicinity when inebriated. She also has a tendency to randomly and spontaneously start jigging. This term is deliberately left open to interpretation.

A Doughty likes 'nuzzling'.

People tend to like a Doughty.

People named ZZ, T-Wizzle, DJ TommyDef or Robert also tend to like a Doughty.

Oh Jesus, i may have done a Doughty last night.

No Doughty, i dont want to see what colour underwear you're wearing. Or try them on.

Come on Doughty, its Tom, its me. Can i have a grope? Just a little one? Sorted.

No Doughty, we can't start the whipped cream party yet.

For the last time Doughty, it is NOT COOL to make sexual innuendos about molecular equations.
by Chris Tetlow, Zoe Walker May 29, 2008
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