A cupcake cock clown, is a faggot that dresses as a clown with a cupcake.
by AttackOnCrack June 30, 2018
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When you are having anal sex with someone and they fart and it feels like your dick is being blown up like an animal balloon. Similar to jet wash
This chick last night gave me a dirty birthday clown and all morning my whiz has been sputtering, but the jet wash felt great on my balls.
by Donny Bratsco December 12, 2016
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A very talented and known music group out of Seattle, Washington. Although not entirely famous yet they have proven they have talent by performing at the Jimi Hendrix Memorial Concert. As a rap group they consist of rappers Icee and Lil Stunt who have been close since the 2nd grade. The Class Clowns show in their songs that Hip Hop/Rap is not even close to dead. Their huge success is just yet to come being only at the age of 16.
Jimmy:Have you heard The Class Clowns new mixtape?
Armani:Yeah they go hard forreal
by domorecords May 10, 2011
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pinch a girls nipples in foreplay to make her feel more comfortable
to get her in the mood i used the clown horn
by water feature April 12, 2021
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When a girl lies flat on her stomach and you have sex with her. While thrusting her and just before you cum jam your fingers into her armpits and tickle her. She starts squirming and tenses up her vagina giving the ultimate squeeze for max pleasure. Well for the Male anyways lol
by NicL9 December 25, 2018
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A Sexual position where a woman gets as many dicks in every hole as she can without hurting herself
"I heard she got the living clown car" "Really I want one"
by Shaidfwksvald w s January 26, 2021
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