To return to an ex or a boy you said you won’t return to.
by Clowning Everyday May 19, 2021
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Sunday's clown is a reference towards sin confession booths; and the people that are in them.
My wife goes and sees Sunday's clown on a sunny afternoon.
by AstronX April 28, 2022
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Masturbating violently, while going down on a menstrating women, then coming in her mouth while plugging her nose with your free hand.
Did you hear Mike was punching a one armed clown in the nose yesterday? Choked and puked at the same time.
by BigSchmuck November 12, 2020
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A point in a married mans life, where his wife isn't good enough for him, so he resorts to masturbation.
Man 1: My wife was crazy last night.

Man 2: My wife isn't like that anymore, I have to resort to punching my clown every night.
by Call me Dragon August 16, 2011
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Another driver driving all over you or having someone running all over your back bumper while racing stock cars. This act can cause you to get dumped like Kyle Busch in Homestead 2010.
Reporter: Why did you dump Kyle Busch?

Kevin: Oh he... He raced me like a clown all day. Driving all over me, running all over my back bumper, cut in front of me and I didn't lift.
by Butt Hurt Kurt June 10, 2019
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College girls on their way to or from a party
Tommy: There must have been at least ten girls in that one van
Johnny: That one crazy rachet clown car
by firepenguin1 February 1, 2014
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The best dad and friend to ever exist. Honk is awesome and cool
Raffles the clown is fucking AWESOME.
by axeltheaxolotl July 10, 2021
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