A 69 for older partners when they dont even look at each other in bed.
Tim: "Dude i just walked into my grandparents bedroom. It looks like they really hate each other."

Bob: "I saw that on urban dictionary. Its called a 96!"
by DJ Pauly P May 11, 2011
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noun - on the metalhammer forum, one who is lacking in IQ (not all there) especially ____5.
Possessed2: as far as i am concerned just because some one is born in a country does not give them the foocking rights of that country he gave them up when he killed someone now foock off
SmartarsePoster:Oh gods, just when I didn't think it was possible for you to paint more of a moronic picture of yourself.
More chlorine in the gene pool please!

by The Ood November 20, 2006
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the male lies down on his back and the woman sits on his face, leans back, and gives oral sex while having her butt hole eaten out
Perrin: Hey Chloe, wana 96?
Chloe: Sure, i love my ass being eaten out!
by PEARBEARmarmar January 21, 2010
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Upside down 69ing with the guy on top. Preferred method of oral sex of skinny indian men with large bellies and trollish indian women.
When they 96'ed an indian troll resembling Pedro Martinez was gagged by a 3 inch cock
by Pedro Martinez Rai February 8, 2010
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a variant of 69 in which the female bends over backwards to administer fellatio while the male performs cunnilingus
by 96 April 7, 2005
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96 means your in the friendzone. The reason it's 96 is because of the # 69. And as you all know 69 is a sexual position and if you in that 96 you ain't getting none.
Echo: I got Friendzoned, So it don't feel too hot, Cheer me up bra
Dante: What do you mean you got friendzoned xDD
Echo: The pain I feel is unfathomable, Too the full extent of the word, I'm too Friendzonable
I'm deep in that 96, Homes

(True Story, I'm Echo (ಥ‸ಥ))
by Echoes The Grappler March 5, 2017
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when two lovers are mad at each other they lie on oppisite sides of a bed and suck their own genital.
Stacy and Bobby just broke up. I bet that they're 96ing....
by yiffer boy 96 June 1, 2003
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