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A "90's Freak" Loads cart up with single pack burritos, Preferred drink is Monster to look cool to collect cans to add up in shit hole apartment. Always has a water bottle near by, especially during long car rides. The 90's Freak label is always applied to a male, And he is usually over the age of 24 but younger males tend to try and live up to their style. The 90's Freak enjoys staying in on Friday nights watching ghost adventures. Enjoys shopping at local Thrift Stores and Goodwill looking for beanies, but tends not to wear them in public because they want the world to notice their awesome hair, sometimes dreads usually pulls beanie off right before entering a store typically wal-mart and best buy or any other public area, drives with beanie on. The Kirk sometimes if into hard metal will have a metal chain attached to pants, sometimes a wallet chain with studded belt hidden underneath over sized band tee. The male sometimes tries to avoid goodwill during paycheck to buy new items at hot-topic and target clearance items along with any other store out his price range having sales. The 90's Freak who also loves eating trail-mix, usually drives a shitty car and has no AC and has long hair, Tends to drive with windows cracked and stereo pumped up to any late 90's alternative rock band.
Chosen professions might include their favorite store "Earth-Bound" and "Spencer's Gifts" but usually not chosen for the job, they get chosen at Petsmart, Best Buy, Geek squad, Zoo/ Aquarium, Whole Food's Store, Chili's Waiter, Movie Theater, Bag-Boy even into late 20's, and any bookstore/ coffee shop.Also has an alternative side,Macho yet cooky, almost always loves the band Creed, and throws up the rocker hand symbol in any group photo or solo photo. Hmm id say a lost in the 90's persona. Can sing on key with any 90's song and looks to a close yet delicate version of Lobo Marunga, Also tends to eat alot of fast food due to the lack of money, He also believes clothes don't define him which leads him to walk around in public with faded wranglers, khaki cargo's, pant's/ shorts or ripped to shreads cut off's any color lighter than jean, and owns almost nothing but Teva Sandals. He always dates a woman with hair that resembles yarn and has a 90's- to early 2000's wardrobe of clothes from Kohls. The 90's freak can often get classified into the Nature Freak catagory when he chooses to cut his hair (Which is almost never) Typing in "long haired dude" on google almost always gives you a sneak peak at who's true to their "90's Freak" persona.
by 90sfreakexgirlfriend December 28, 2010
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