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The 90 degree thrill ride can be best described as a sexual position (although it is mostly innocent) taken on by two people in a sitting down manner(usually in a relationship, but not exclusively). It usually starts of by the two people laying down in a casual way, that's when the girl starts to take things into her own hands. This takes a great amount of skill, fore the woman must maneuver the action in a slick transition, in order to prevent awkwardness. She starts by slightly sitting up and then swings her leg (slightly bent) over her companion, placing it on the other side of him, lifting her body on top of her partner. She hovers her Booty over his lap (to not squish his Jewels, of course), And then can either place her hands on his shoulder to achieve a more dominate position, but tangled in the hair works just as well. WARNING: This position can lead up to A hot Make out session, or some seriously sexy times, so do not attempt if you or your partner are not ready for this kind of commitment. (:
"Bro! i just had the best 90 degree thrill ride of my life! She was all over me!"
by BabyDragoSlayer243 May 26, 2016
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