A synonym for "hahahaha" or "lol". 9/11 = .8181818181, and since "H" is the 8th letter of the alphabet and "A" is the 1st, 9/11 = "hahahahaha".
Bro: Shawn Johnson can be cute sometimes but other times looks like a dude that got his face teabagged 24/7 in the gobi desert.

Dude: 9/11!!!!!!!
by 4rch August 16, 2008
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when god played jenga by himself and failed horribly after 2 turns
god - okkkayy.......... *crash* SHITTTT

this example includes "9/11" as requested by urbandictionary
by Hawaiian Dicking May 08, 2009
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A 9/11 is a sex act in which a man violently and unexpectedly inserts his penis into the anus of his sex partner. This may occur during or outside consensual intercourse.
When I asked Maria why she broke up with Stanley, she said that he gave her a 9/11 after a night of drinking.
by FetusDestroyer June 17, 2012
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The day American money stopped funding the IRA in Northern Ireland and the troubles that claimed over 3000 lives in the UK over 30 years effectively stopped. The Irish American's had to think about the reality of what we call terrorism. It became untenable, which helped bring peace to Britain and Ireland. Every cloud has a silver lining, ask the people of Belfast.
"Shit, we've been attacked"

"oh dear, this is awful. better stop those Noraid contributions since 9/11"
by ashteroid May 07, 2007
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An act of war committed against the United States. The day the Taliban regime comitted suicide.
9/11 was a blatant act of terrorism committed against civilians who were just going to work to make a living. How quickly people forget.
by YankeeRebelSon September 30, 2007
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A day where over 3000 people died because of TERRORISTS. Not fucken the government of aliens or anyone else. It was also the day where we realized that we are vulnerable and that half the world hates us for no reason. Many conspiracies have been made up from this day which are all lies and fake. Conspiracy means a cover up from the truth. Liberals made these up because they see the world as a perfect place where everyone loves each other. Well its not. The real word is a terrible place. We live in a country where none of that happens because we have good leaders and a good economy. You guys think bush is bad. Try living under saddam or the guy who is killing everyone in Sudan. And you guys say bush is bad because of a war. We freed all those people living on a terrible dictatorship. Those people love us. Osama even said that he fucken bombed us and people still say it was a lie. 9/11 was real and it was because of terrorists, that families were separated and kids lost their parents. 9/11 was the worst day ever.
9/11 will forever be know as a day were families were torn apart and american united as one to fight the terrorists.
by cal vin January 17, 2007
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The day when Al-Queda terrorist hijacked CIVILIAN planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and one more being taken back over by the passengers. altogerther, over 3,000 people died. This was NOT a government hoax. It was an cowardly attack aganist innocent people, which, no matter what you say, locked us uin a war aginst a great evil, Al-Queda and its other little groups. This, is fact, and incase you didn't notice, this is also a crime aginst humanity.
Protester- Bush is behind 9/11!!
Random Guy- Do you have proof?
Protester- Well, yeah, he framed it beacuse he is a Nazi!
Random Guy- Sorry, but I don't have time for this.

by GeneralSJC December 27, 2006
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