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I have read many reports on 9/11 and seen many documentaries. Yet, I still continue to ask everyone why if the government claims to have nothing to hide, they continue to ignore many important questions and lie about what happened. Perhaps the only thing worse than the lies the American people are exposed to by news reports are the stupid people who believe them.

I have noticed that most people can not accept the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. So for those of you that can not accept this, I have some questions I would like you to answer for me.

1) Why when they discovered that there were hijacked aircraft, they did not command defense to deploy and take them down immediately?

2) If they are making it seem like it is very important to capture Bin Laden, why have they not done it yet? They have had plenty of chances to do this.

3) How did flames bring down THREE steal framed buildings?

4) Why if the government has nothing to hide, they are keeping a lot of the ‘evidence’ they have from public?

5) Why have government officials destroyed evidence of 9/11?

If you don’t believe that 9/11 was an inside job, then you were not able to answer any of the questions listed above. But, I can answer every one of those questions with logical answers.

1) There is proof that 9/11 was an inside job, nothing was done to stop it, and nothing was done to warn the people of America. If a few very simple steps were taken, the death toll would have been much smaller. Our leaders had every intention of allowing 9/11 to occur, they needed it to be interesting, so they did not deploy anyone until AFTER this occurred.

2) They have not captured Bin Laden yet because he is there to blame everything on. If they capture him, there will be no one left to blame the tragedies on. If they would take the time to capture him, they could find out who the true terrorists are. For all they know, they could be living in the United States sleeping safely at night and returning to unspeakable power by day.

3) Flames did not take down these buildings. They were imploded. Honestly, do you think that fire could bring down three steal framed building when steal takes a temperature of 2,500-3,000 degrees to melt? Why did the NYPD fire department report secondary explosives going off inside of the towers shortly before their collapse? If they were supposedly taken down by fire, how could an impact over 70 floors up destroy the lobby and basement? All of the eye witness reports were claimed that the damage sustained appeared to be very consistent with a high explosive blast rather than a raging fire ball? You can put the pieces together; those towers were brought down by high explosives and all the facts point to it.

4) This answer is very simple. They don’t want us to know what really happened, so they are keeping it to their selves and not using it to help them find out who the real terrorists are.

5) They do not want anyone to find certain evidence. So after they find it, they destroy it so that no one can find out. They are trying to keep the truth from the American people. If the public found out about this evidence, then the government would have to take action and find the real terrorists.

The sad part about all of this is, is that we don’t even know what our parents are fighting for. They die, but what did they die for? Freedom? Or pointless mayhem? I say that all troops should be brought home and that we should leave the middle-east so that we are not inflicting the idea that we want to fight a malicious mischief.

I hope that to who ever did not think this was an inside job realizes that it was. We would not be in the position that we are in now if the government had taken evasive action when they made their first strike.
9/11 inside job? yes, all the facts point to it
by Krystem October 13, 2006
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"9/11 was an inside job" is a phrase that rose in popularity on forums and websites in the years following 9/11. Most of the talking points come from a small hand full of video "documentaries" such as "Loose Change" that circulate around the internet. Along with Moon Hoax conspiracies, super secret dominating new world order conspiracies, and JFK conspiracies, it supports itself on a set of lies, distortions, myths, and debunked crap.

People who believe it was an inside job call themselves "truthers." Yeah, that's right, "truthers." The worst thing you can do is get sucked into an argument with one of these "truthers." The are impervious to logic and devoid of intellect. And even if you manage to cure one of their misbelief, five more will spring up the next day. While at first glance it might seem like these "truthers" are mostly liberals or democrats, it seems they include a large number of conservatives or republicans as well. The liberal population is mostly kids who will grow out of it at some point, but the right wing population is usually middle aged loonies suffering from some kind of extreme paranoia illness.

Observe the post by Krystem above. This kid brought up 5 regurgitated talking points that have been repeated ad nausea over the years. And the answers have always been patiently explained to them. They haven't gotten it yet, and they probably won't get it ever.

The bulk of conspiracy arguments work like this: "X is impossible for me to understand therefore there is a conspiracy." Perhaps the favorite claim by conspiracy nuts is: "Jet fuel burns at a temperature not hot enough to melt steal therefore there is a conspiracy" Don't bother trying to tell them the difference between temperature and heat, or that the fires burned many things besides jet fuel. In the end, the buildings collapsed not because of melting steal anyway. The buildings collapsed because the fire weakened, not melted, the steal. Under extreme heat, beams warp, bend, buckle under load, and joints and bolts become stressed. It doesn't have to be hot enough to melt the steal. It only has to be hot enough to weaken the structure enough that it can't support itself.
9/11 inside job? Forums on the 'net are crawling with twats who think so
by Inaxarta January 10, 2008
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Some other possibilities for "9/11 inside job?".....

1: Those in power had no idea what these planes where going to do. Perhaps the terrorists would simple ask for some sort of shit, and diplomacy could be used.
this lack of understanding is only the basis, however. the big thing is that theres so much red tape when it comes to "comand defense", which is assume you mean to represent shoot the fuckers down, that to send out fuckin fighter jets to destroy civilian aircraft over the course of a few hours would be impossible.
the goverment is slow to work, and doesnt like to go out on limbs. And shooting down a civilian aircraft with only the knowlege that it has been hijacked is a pretty big limb. Hijackings occur more than you would think on our planet, and tact tends to be the best cure for the situations.

2: the world is an awefully big place. if you have enough money and brains, you can hide anywhere. Bin Laden is most certainly not retarded, and knows how to stay away from a god damn army looking for him.

3: The problem isnt that the steel frames straight melted. It's that they started to slowly bend under pressure. Sure, it wasnt 3,000 degrees hot, but it was hot enough so that the wieght of the building, on top of the heat that was there, took care of business.
You put enough weight on steel that is structuraly unsound, and gravity turns into a bitch.
steels great, but not invincible.
Ah, and it was SOME of the firefighters who reported hearing these explosions, which where probably just the sounds of the building starting to colapse in on itself. in the mass clusterfuck that was the world trade center on 9/11, im sure mother fuckers where hearing all sorts of things that sounded like one thing, but where really another.
as to the destruction of the basement idea, well, its realy this simple: alot of stuff fell. Like, drop a bowling ball off your house onto the sidewalk. it will make a big ass dent. so, imagine what would happen if the combined mass of the entire world trade center fell on the area that it did. You would get a very big crater. Hence, no basement. And, please, "All" of the eye witnesses? did you sit every one of them down and ask what exactly the scene looked like, in their expert opinions? And, again, confusion and panic make for odd observations.
Your argument is less baked then a turd on a sidewalk.

4: It incriminates countires that we don't want to have pissed at us right now more than they need to be (i.e. Iran, etc.). Stop thinking we're so god damn important. There are other countires involved in this mess much more than you claim america to be.

5: pretty much the same as 4.

There are plenty of reasons to hate Bush. Being responsible for 9/11 is not one of them. Please please please, stop pretending you're some sort of expert on this matter by presenting your "true facts of the matter". I do like what you have to say about the war, however. In fact, I totaly agree with you. But 9/11 isnt the ground to base your debate on.

I mean, didn't you hear? we're fighting in Iraq to save the mystical pixies from their caverns! and thats the gods honest truth!

Hail bush!
Bush is an asshole, but he isnt responsible for this "9/11 inside job?". Just trust me on this one, okay?
by mique December 24, 2006
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