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The "final ration from the Soviet State", the 7.62mm bullet from a Tokarev TT-33 or Mosin-Nagant m1895 Revolver. The bullet weighs nine grams, so to be given nine grams of lead from the Soviet State is to be shot by an officer. This phrase was coined by Soviet soldiers in world war II when failing to carry out your duty or any sign of cowardice meant being shot in the head by your officer or commissar.

Also has some use today in Ukrainian Mafia circles, where the 7.62x25mm bullet is still used.
Simonov dropped his rifle in battle, so he was given 9 grams of lead.
Over 12,500 Soviet soldiers were given 9 grams of lead at Stalingrad.
by DRAC250 March 10, 2011
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