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extreme autism in a can that cannot be stopped. when you are hit by a 9 bang you will be blinded and unable to move, causing you to get killed by a twelve year old fuck. many people think it should be nerfed especially in blackout where the autism effects you like no where else.
that autism known as a 9 bang hit me and I couldn't see anything, that little fucker got me killed
by Bkal October 29, 2018
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Possibly the most annoying ability to ever be added into a game in the history of man kind. When you are blinded by a 9 bang you will go completely fucking blind which apparently renders your ability to crouch and go prone useless, because that's just how humans work. A user who has 9 banged you may say 'ggez fuckin dumbass kid' shortly after they've killed you.
'Oh for fuck's sake John I'm 9-banged again'
by videfluffy November 02, 2018
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