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When a sexually active female (usually at a younger age but not always) allows a man with a huge buffalo cock permanently stretch her vagina wide open, and tear the walls to the bottom. SHE IS ALWAYS CRAVING A BIGGER LOVER BUT CANNOT FIND ONE. They believe know one will ever know what she did, so settles for the lessor (usually just to use him for his resources) but then wonder why she cannot get the respect she wants to keep the man, boyfriend, or husband around because they know what its like to be inside her.
A) Yo how was that pussy last night. Man that trap opened up like window on a breezy day. Oh she's definitely a 7th inning stretched slut you'll want to kick her to the curb.

B) My wife won't stop cheating on me. Dude you know she let John Holmes fuck her at a young age, she'll always be a 7th inning stretched slut.

C) My husbands dick doesn't fill me up like that big one did when I was only 17 . I will continue to use him for his money, and emotional support but I need to find a BIG Sasquatch for a one night stand. I guess I'll always be a 7th inning stretched slut.
by August 24, 2017
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