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A state of mind people refer to when they are really happy and in a really good mood.
I just got asked out by the hottest guy in school! I'm in 7th heaven!!!
by Aquarian129 April 07, 2007
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1) Something that should have been cancelled ages ago.
2) A show with the same plot everyday, season through season.
1) Why hasn't that show been cancelled already.

2) Lucy get mad at some boyfriend for some reason. Simon has trouble because he's been a "Rebel". Mother and father sind out. Matt tries to help. Ruthie finds out and gives advice. Everything is back to normal. awww... "isn't that cute...not"
by Prettier than thou! November 13, 2003
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Mother: Did you learn more life lessons on 7th Heaven today, Timmy?

Timmy: Sorry, couldn't get past the horrible acting. But I did learn how to make the quirky faces that the actors use to reflect the serious yet light-hearted situations of the show.
by Frumious Bandersnatch January 12, 2004
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Old show that is still in rotation on TV. It's a show that is created by Aaron Spelling, who thought it would be a good idea to make a show that tells people what kind of lifestyle to live: A very sheltered one. The father is a minister who has a drunk sister who attacked his kids. How, he could be a father and disown that bitch and not let her in the house, but he had to do the "christian" thing and forgive her. Of course, the kid whom she attacked forgave her as well, when anyone with common sense knows that in reality, the kid would be traumatized for living by being vicoiusly attacked by his own aunt.

A product of Aaron Spelling's decaying brain.
This is just one of the many examples of the blatent fakeness and stupidity that this show is saturated with. But, hey, I guess stupidity under a vale of morality is appealing to some people.
by Mr. Bird February 21, 2005
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A really sappy family drama that's been on since '96.
In all honesty it really should get cancelled because the writers keep on recycling the same old stories each season.
Basic episode ending.

Eric: We're really disapointed in (Fill in kids name) we love you and we want you to know that we are here for you not matter what.

Annie: (Fill in kids name) your Father and I love you and we raised you to behave better than this now go on up stairs and we'll come up with a suitable grounding.

Kid: Thanks Mom and Dad I love you both too.
by Kat November 09, 2004
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TV show that you either love or hate. The most common reasons it is watched are for family morals/values, because Barry Watson, David Gallagher, and/or George Stults are 'hot', because some comfort is found in watching the show, or for snark value.

The show is extremely highly rated, so it's obvious not that bad and has a good basic idea behind it.
Daughter-Man mom that Simon is hot!
Mom-*laughs* So what has he taught you today?
Daughter-That premaritial sex is fun
by definition January 25, 2005
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A terrible TV series that came out in the mid 90's and ended in 2007 (finally). Focusing on the lives of the Camden family in some made up California town. The cast were all physically attractive goody two shoes types, that wore over done make up, and the plots always focused around learning some lesson, and then everything is back to normal. It was basically one of those "we have some minor problem now" but "everything will end well" type shows. Totally unrealistic, aimed to young kids, and if they actually think families act like the Camdens in real life, then they're very dumb.
7th Heaven was just terrible. The blond haired kid Simon was a total twerp who'd get beaten up in real life. Lucy and Mary both dressed like skanks and wore way to much make up, and as for Ruthie she was an annoying brat who went the same way as her sisters as she grew up. I'm convinced the only good character was the family dog, haha.
by Metalhead83 February 24, 2012
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