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In the 74th annual Hunger Games,24 tributes from districts 1-12 fight till the death of the 23 children ages 12-18 for the capitols enjoyment. The 24 tributes are: District 1- Marvel and Glimmer, District 2- Cato and Clove, District 3- boy and girl, District 4- boy and girl, District 5- boy and Foxface, District 6- boy and girl, District 7- boy and girl, District 8- boy and girl, District 9- boy and girl, District 10- boy and girl, District 11- Thresh and Rue, District 12- Peeta and Katniss. In the battle 11 tributes die on the first day and on the following days fro the most part one tribute dies a day but there are some days where there are no deaths in the arena. There are tracker jackers and mutts (muttations) to scare and threaten the tributes. In he end the gamemakers say that there can be two victors if from the same district, with Katniss and Peeta still alive, the kill Cato and then win the crown as the starcrossed lovers from district 12 hereby winning the 74th annual Hunger Games.
Peeta Quotes:

Peeta Mellark, "Sweetheart, are you here to finish me off?"

Peeta Mellark, "Remember we're madly in love so it's all right to kiss me when ever you feel like it."

Peeta Mellark, "Because she came here with me."

Adapted from the 74th Annual Hunger Games
by marycate930 June 13, 2012
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