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1. (n) A group of suburban bums from the rural area of Lancaster, Pennsylvania attempting to be a legitimate hip-hop group.
I.e. The 717 Legends think they are the shit, smh. When will they ever realize that they are lyrically ass?
by real717prince June 12, 2011
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An elite group started in the city of Lancaster, Pa. The origin was brought about from a night of girls and boys in a shower, witch lead to one wild night, that would only happen in a movie. This lead to a group known as the 717 legends who list of events consist of, Partying, Getting Girls, Making Money, and making you wish your were them. Area Code (717)
Damn, the 717 Legends threw a bangin ass party last night. Im about to throw there Mixtape in and bump that shit in my speakers. I wish I was a Legend.
by Chris Elroy February 02, 2010
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