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7 minutes in heaven is a game general played at partys normally with 2 people of the opposite sex. these two people generally between the ages of 13 and 16 go into a closet for 7 minutes and "make out". this "making out" can be constant on on and off. normally on and off because people need to breathe. there can also be more intamate things going on during these 7 fingeting...or oral sex...etc.
tonight im going over to cindys party to play 7 minutes in heaven
by the cheat February 19, 2003
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a game usually played by teen at parties. Needs at least 4 people.
I was at Lizzie's party and we all decided to play 7 minutes in heaven. My crush spun the bottle and it landed on me! My friends locked us in her bedroom and started the timer. For the first you seconds we sat there awkardly staring at each other then he went for it! We started kissing and it transitioned to making out then it happened. He unbuttoned my new jeans and took them off. The timer went off and they opened the door! God I was so embarrassed because when they did all I had on was my bra which was almost going to fall off. He was shirtless. It was so embarrassing but that's how the game goes I guess.
by Lilysdiary February 24, 2012
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An american kissing game,,, where you sit in a circle and spin the bottle. The two people in lands on, go out of the room, into a room alone. And spend seven minutes together,, mostly to do sexual things. But most common is just kissing. They then go back into the room, never to disclose what went on. The game proceeds with another couple. Game best for teenage parties
'We were playing 7 minutes in heaven at Alice's party'
"Yeah, it was awesome, i pulled Steve AND Frank" XD
by Cozziee June 21, 2011
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