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Also known as Seven Knots to Heaven.

Specially tied knots in silk* inserted in a mans anus which is removed at the moments of climax. Properly timed the cord is removed concurrent with the contractions pumping ejaculate thus stimulating the anus and massaging the prostate gland resulting in increased pleasure.

*While the name is derived from knots in silk the practice can also be done with beads or balls on a string, or injection molded balls on plastic stems. Or any variation of such.
The Courtesan tugged each bead of the 7 Knots of Love from my ass at just the right moments causing me to explode with pleasure several times before losing consciousness.
by BlackClaw May 08, 2010
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7 knots of of love refers to a practice in which a woman slowly inserts a knotted rope into the anus of a man who is having sex with her. At the moment of climax, the woman jerks out the rope. The practice is rarely utilized in the US because; A. It's disgusting; and B. It's hazardous on several levels. Sometimes customers in Asian brothels request the procedure but it's likely that the customer doesn't realize what it is that they're asking for. Needless to say, if they get the treatment, they'll never forget it.
I asked her for the 7 knots of love and I've been using Depends ever since.
by jdlord June 25, 2009
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