Eva: Hey you like 69?
Will: No, It is so uncomfortable

Eva: What are you talking about?
Will: The position
Eva: Bro, I am talking about Tekashi69 you know, FeFe?
by Ricegum4lyf September 24, 2018
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Oral sex performed at the same time including two people. M+F, M+M or F+F
As he got her lay head to tail with him, he carefully spread her legs. He started to finger her she knew what to do. She pulled down his boxers and took his big, juicy erect cock in her mouth. They both increased their speed and they both screamed. Coming in each other's mouths. They feel asleep after a great 69ing session because 69ing is the best because no one is left out
by Dat bitch101 May 24, 2016
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