The greatest show to ever exist. Nnnnnnnniiiiiiiiccccccceeeeeee.
Deep Space 69 is the most awesome show I have ever seen. I wish that I could live the life of Jay.
by chance master747 April 6, 2021
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Open up a bag of flaming hot Cheetos... from both ends. Two grown ass dudes dock right in the middle and cover those schlongs in that flamin hot cheeeee. They then proceed to extend their love 180 degrees just to clean off the mess they made with their mouths. HOT?.... no. Piping hot 69.
"Yo, fr doe tryna Flamin' hot 69 a muhfuckin homie, ya fear me?
by thesingledad January 27, 2022
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When two people one who is "young" and one who is 69-90 begin to 69
Jon: Bro I went over to this old whores house and got a Vintage 69
Don: Bro that must have felt weird if she had no teeth
by Sharpest Cheddar January 17, 2021
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Your first 69 while your partner is wearing hair shorts.
Hey Steve, did you ever hook up with hippie girl Laura?

Yeah, it was my winter of 69.
by bluasponte January 12, 2018
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The non gay act of two males reuniting & expressing their happiness with the sexual 69 position.
My best friend came into town & after a long wait to see each other, we had a epic two dick 69.
by Jabraunski July 23, 2021
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Sucking on three of your fingers while tossing your load
When Dave lost his partner he decided to have a single mans 69
by Selfies 69 March 21, 2020
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my friend forced me to type this save me
sup my skramba 69
by discount_coke February 6, 2019
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