The fancy version of Mary Jane's number.
"Type ln(69)*(100-0.666) in your calculator"
"Dude, that's the TV remote."
by Mr. Smith, Jr. November 30, 2020
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Someone who is really hot and makes money and gets TONS of bitches,
Person 1: hey have you heard of Money.Cash.69?

Person 2: omg I'm so jealous of her, she gets so much bitches !!

Person 1: I know right,,,
Person 2:....
Person 1:...
Person 2: want to have sex on this floor right now?
Person 1: of course,
by Notowokay July 13, 2021
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A m/m/m threesome where they lay one on top of each other while being in a 69 position and the top male fucking the middle in the ass.
by Bosschick69 December 21, 2019
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Holiday celebrating eating pussy and sucking dick.

(Preferably at the same time)

October 10th every year
Me: Hey you wanna 69
Her: No

Me: But its national 69 day
by Enjoy42069 October 10, 2021
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Similar to Star Wars, however this is the direction your CEO gives when he wants to fuck the whole company.
Our company was profitable with happy customers until Todd executed Order 69 and just fucked everyone over. Say goodbye to our bonuses.
by Flexo Rodriguez August 21, 2021
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Patrick is a magnum chicken eater. He will have sex with big tit cougars. He has a massive peen and gets all ladies
Oh man he gets hella cougars, he must be a papa beat 69.
by Wack my sack 69 March 13, 2019
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