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refers to a girl that is mostly on the lesbian end of bisexuality. the term "69 percent" is a homonym, referring both to the percentage of lesbian and her favorite sex position. 69 percenters are the holy grail for every man, signifying not only a tougher challenge to bring to bed, but also the most likely girl to bring along a friend for a threesome.
"i'm not really that into guys, though i do enjoy them on rare occasion. i'm definitely at 69 percent."
"she's such a babe man. i thought she was a lipstick lesbian but it turns out shes just picky about her men. that chick is a 69 percent."
by A "professional" June 04, 2013
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If you and the person your with (of the opposite gender) both have a phone charge of 69% in a safe location, you have to get involved in the sexual position 69.
Guy: Hey what charge is your phone on?
Girl: 69 Percent what about you?
Guy: Me to
Girl: *winks*
*both get stripped of and have 69*
by Noodles15 July 24, 2018
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