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5trey gangster bloodz- is an original bloods gang from the caribbean in the island of antigua. they wear a red bandana on the right side of their pockets. this gang was established in 2009 and has been know for there gang banging nature and their money making skills. this gang runs the streets not being afraid to take out any one in their way. the five trey gangsters also known as rich kids is large in number and is known to be one of the most feared gangs in antigua. to be a member of the treyz you have to 1. get a blood rush for 31 sec., 2. put in work to show that your down with it, 3. always have a red flag showing on you., 4.burn a blue flag. some of the mainly known members in the treyz are: kastro- who is the leader of the treyz, topsick who is a G along with poppin, T.K, sniper, black rose, smeegle, etc. the five treyz main focus is on making money and taking over hoods, they are located in liberta. five trey memberz are not allowed to fight with anyone in the set, harm anyone who is neutral, hurt anyone that belong to their hood.this maybe one of the violent sets but does not interfere with anyone who they have nothing to do with. each year of the fifth month on the 3rd day all members gather an celebrate with alcohol an drugs, but despite all this the five trey is a gang that protects its own an harms those who cause destruction.
5trey gangsterz, 5trey gangsters, five-trey gangsterz, five-tey gangsters, 5-3
by sniper5-3 October 22, 2011
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