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Anyone who has acheived a clock speed of five gigahertz on all of their central processing units cores. Reaching five gigahertz only counts if the overclock is stable.
Overclocking noob: I'm in the 5Ghz club everyone, aren't I epic?
Forum member: Yeah right, fire up Prime 95 for three hours, then post us a shot of your temps and cpu-z
Overclocking noob: My computer crashed! What the hell!
Forum member: Raise the Vcore next time you noob!
Overclocking noob: I melted my processor! Now posting from my netbook.
Forum member: You did get aftermarket cooling right?
Overclocking noob: Huh? A-whut?

Overclocking pro: Whoo! In the 5Ghz club!
Forum member: Ah, what did you use?
Overclocking pro: 210 bus frequency x24 multiplier, Vcore @1.49 HT Link @ 2300Mhz
Forum member: Quite a golden chip you got there
by BadgerPooMagicGardens February 26, 2011
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