Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975) is an immensly popular American East Coast rapper commonly known by his rap name 50 Cent. He rose to fame following the success of his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre. 50 Cent achieved multi-platinum success with both albums, selling over 16 million albums worldwide. He is known for his "gangsta" image, and for having been shot nine times of which one hit to the jaw. Unlike some other rappers 50 cent was a gangster. He currently resides in Farmington, Connecticut, in the former mansion of boxing star Mike Tyson. He is also known as a member for the famous G unit group.

50 cent has had several number 1 singles in the charts.
by Nath_England February 20, 2007
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the worst music artist ever

he got famous for being shot 9 times. that is what mede him so famous. the thing about being shot nine times is bullshit. hes not street at all
50 cent is a bullshit fake "gangsta"
by WHITE MIKE March 21, 2005
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The most commercial rapper that has ever existed; works and sucks dick for major corporations and conglomerate record labels. Does not know what hip hop is about, since he and his little gay-unit sniff cocaine and pretend that they can walk through any hood without security. Basically, 50 Cent is all talk/ no action for a mainstream, "zombie" audience; he thinks rap and pop are in the same category- nuff said.
Steve: Hey dude, check out 50 Cent's new single...
Andrea: -dawg...that shit is wack as hell mayne, 'the fuck you on about?
Steve: Naw man, I just like the song.
Andrea: Puff, get ya mind right- that aint what the streets is listenin' to right now.
by Str-ed. December 24, 2009
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A total wuss who ran away after being bottled at the Reading festival.
Look there's 50 cent ha ha ha ha
by Jesus March 23, 2005
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A talentless rapper(no sorry talker)who can't put his own music together for all the losers that thinks his drum beats are good he just hires a musician or gets someone to use a dj desk. Can't sing or play an instrument and promotes violence and crap music. He thinks he is hard even though hes not and is proud of being shot when all it means is that people don't like you. 50 cent sucks.
His music is just talking which any old person off the street could copy. Kids copy him and his bad attitude. 50 cent sucks.
by Lukeybella January 19, 2006
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is this guy still a rapper? he is a rich man who cares more about money than the love of the game. did i mention he stole his name from a real nyc gangsta. and did i mention that his new hobby/expertise is sueing.
by joe. August 26, 2005
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A pop singer, often mistaken for a rapper, despite the fact that his music really gives off that pop vibe. He seems even more like a pop star since most of his fanbase consists of preppy white suburban teenagers. He is known in hip-hop for snitching and lying. His snitching record is highlighted by Irv Gotti and Supreme. The lies he has told throughout his career are as follows:

- He was not a drug dealer. He was a lookout, and not a very good one, since he ended up getting himself and a few others caught.

- He did not serve time in prison. He served 7 months in a boot camp.

- He did not get shot 9 times, he got shot 3 times.

50 has rapidly become the most hated man in hip-hop. He has been openly dissed by the following rappers:

The Game
Fat Joe
Styles P
Sheek Louch
Juelz Santana
Fat Joe
Big Punisher
Black Child
Ja Rule
Irv Gotti
Wu-Tang Clan
Phat Rat
Charli Baltimore
Lil' Kim
Bang 'Em Smurf

And many more...
50 Cent's whole career is based upon lies, all he seems to care about is money. He will forever be known as a snitch, a fake, and the biggest sell-out in the history of music.
by DeeDeeDee187 June 23, 2006
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